Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Title IX: Extensions from Luke's Blog

In reflection of Luke's Blog:

Today title IX is not being respected in all places. In my personal oppinion I believe that there will always be a double standard among men and women. After reading Luke's blog I felt like I had a better understand about the double standards that we are faced with today. Not only do women suffer from the double standard, but men do as well. Like Luke pointed out about the male volleyball player, to not allow him to join his schools volleyball team without restriction wasn't fair. I feel that if schools want to seperate their sports boys and girls, then they need to have a male and female team for every sport they offer. I don't see anything wrong with girls and guys teams, I believe its beneficial to do things this way for some sports; however, I also can see a point in making all sports co-ed. Its hard to put a limit on what people can and can't do. I think that people should have the option to do what they want, like the female football player at Luke's school. It was her choice to join the football team that was made up of all male teammates. Theres so many other things that go into this besides just descrimination, money being one of them. Many schools probably only provide a single team for some of their sports such as football, golf, volleyball, gymnastics, etc. If they had a girls and boys team for each, I'm sure the expenses they would have to come up with would be very steep, more than what some schools can afford; however, if they cannot affor to have two seperate teams for every single sport than they need to maker each sport co-ed. No girls teams no boys teams, just teams.


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