Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random Blog...

I wanted to talk about the video that we watched in class the other week about inclusion in schools. I thought this video was extremely eye opening and powerful. Through this video you get an understanding of how families with disabled children work through their difficulties to get the best possible education for their kids. I thought it was a great film that gave a more personal side to disabilities than just what you may see at first glance. I found it ridiculous that they had many students who were physically disabled in a special needs classroom, because their mental capabilities were perfectly fine. Every student with a disability should be catered to and treated the way they deserve to be treated. Before watching this video about schools that had full inclusion, I was sceptical of how well this could work out. Some students who are severely mentally or physically disabled need a lot of care and I felt like they would be more of a distration to other kids than a help in the classroom. But then I realized that its actually not just good for the disabled to students to be included because they get a more normalized and fair schooling environment, but it also is good for the students in the classroom without disablities. The other students can learn more about students with disabilities and when they are all together they won't see these students as outsiders. I really like the idea of inclusion, but I also believe there must be things done to keep a classroom regulated and running as best as it can for all students.


  1. Watching this video definitely got me started thinking about those with disabilities. I find inclusion is so important because we're all people, we all have the same spirit!

  2. Glad this worked for you... I like this film too!