Saturday, April 30, 2011

Schooling Children With Down Syndrome


" They didnt't think it was realistic, that she could handle that job. Here they have her educating America's future, but they're scared to let her work at a movie place."

I thought this quote was very strong and fit well into the whole idea of this article. People have such a negative view of others with disabilities, they doubt their capabilities and they doubt their intelligence. Reading this quote made me think of things in my own life. It reminded me of when I was younger. I used to be really over weight when I was young, and in my eyes I saw this as my own type of disability. For me being over weight made me feel unconnected from other kids and it made me feel like I couldn't compete with them or do the things that they could do. It turns out that I was actually pretty athletic. I really gained confidenced in my abilities after a field day competition. It was the shuttle run, a run that basically determined who was the quickest. I got first place in this event, and I was the heaviest girl competing. After this I decided to go out for cheerleading. My sister was always the cheerleader and when I told her that I wanted to do this she basically laughed in my face about it because she didn't believe that I would be able to compete with the other girls because of my size. I ignored her opinions and turns out I made the team, three years in a row, spending two of those years as captain. I feel like when you doubt people it can either do two things. Make them doubt themselves, or make them want to prove you wrong. In my own experiences I have felt both these ways about what I am capable doing, but after trying and actually proving others wrong and myself wrong I made out just fine. I think people need to have a little bit more confidence in others when it comes to capability. People who are disabled are not uncapable, and they are not ignorant. It is the people that doubt what others can do who are truly the ignorant ones. It can sometimes be hard to look past the stereotypes, and push for more; however, if people just made a little more effort then I think everyone would be more accepting and comfortable of people with disabilities. It is true that some people with physical disablities may never be capable of walking or dancing or getting to do things with their bodies that they wish they could, and mentally disabled people may never be able to understand in the ways they wish they could, but there is always a chance that these things can happen. I believe that people shouldnt try to put limits on everything in life, especially not on others.I think there is a fine line between reality and your dreams. I wish I could say that anything is possible, but I know that is not true. But what I can say is that people who have support from others, people who can believe in themselves, and people who have the will to try and push for anything will be the people who come closer and closer to making their dreams come true.

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  1. I agree that SIZE is its own form of able-bodiedness issue. Good points here.